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Starting the US Open: From Shinnecock to Pebble Beach is the first golf book by Ron Read.


For 23 years, Ron Read witnessed the toughest shot in golf, the opening drive from the #1 tee of the United States Open Championship. A vantage point few have enjoyed. The US Open ranks with the World Series, the Super Bowl, and Wimbledon for its prestige and meaning to its respective sport. Each year, the world's top players come to America and compete to be the best golfer, among the toughest field, on the most unyielding golf course possible. Throughout his celebrated career, Ron formed enduring relationships with golfers, caddies, sportscasters and writers, course superintendents, and many others.


In Starting the US Open: From Shinnecock to Pebble Beach, Ron takes us inside the ropes, through clubhouse, and into the inner sanctum to bring us the stories that will reveal what has made this golf tournament and this sport truly special in the eyes of fans and players alike. More than a great read, Starting the US Open is a great experience. "Play Away Please!"


ISBN-10: 1732239150

ISBN-13: 978-1732239159

Hardcover: 264 pages

Language: English

Published: June 12, 2019

Starting the US Open: From Shinnecock to Pebble Beach

SKU: 9781732239159
  • BONUS: Personalized Audio File of YOU being started on the 1st Tee at the US Open.  When you play the audio, you will feel like you are standing on the first tee, tipping your cap, and preparing to tee off at the United States Open Championship.

  • Ron is donating 20% of sales to children's charities with the goal of $5000 by Father's Day, June 21st

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